Bulk postage
All the time bills and reminders need to be made out, offers are to be made, order confirmations and delivery notes have to be mailed, and publicity material is also due now and then. A reasonable software can save a lot of time, money and energy and ensure great reliability.

The main business field of the
„Individuelle EDV-Lösungen“ company is the production of such programs. Wholly individualised printing is anything but routine. Each letter or consignment raises certain questions even before being mailed, and makes individual demands on the organisation of posting. The letters or consignments may vary between 1 and 1000 pages. Different material may be used. Without number lights no billing.
Individualisation of posting
Information about the quantities to be expected and calculating the necessary resources
Organisation of the production process
Quality control in posting
The better a consignment meets the quality requirements of delivery agents, the higher the discounts they will grant you for bulk consignments.