Calculation and Management
The pocket calculator made the start. It made precise calculations, but the results could not be stored. It was only after the computer had emerged that it became possible to store the data. The combination of pocket calculator and database storage ,however, made it possible to make calculations and store them.

Nowadays meaningful databases are at your disposal. They offer a decisive chance to make subsequent calculations and analyse all business deals so that you can further improve your business. We use your calculation methods as a basis for developing a database application best suited to support your business courses.

We tested this technology when we developed database applications for leasing companies or printing works. For your business line, too, we are in a position to offer you, after a careful analysis of the present business courses, a database project in which you have an active share. Naturally, the best solution for your company can only be found on the basis of your plans.

Individuelle EDV-Lösungen will be pleased to attend to your business after the successful implementation of our joint project so that further improvements can be made, and our solution can be further adapted to any new requirements.